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Valor Fitness Slam Balls add a bit of cardio to your strength workout while releasing stress or an excess amount of energy. Take the ball with both hands like you would grip a basket ball, raise it above your head and slam it to the ground. Hence the name “Slam Ball”. Enjoy your energy releasing workout. These balls will not bounce. The Workout: Overhead Heel Slams: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and hold the ball above and slightly behind your head. Slam the ball as hard as you can close to your heel. Squat to pick up the ball, then repeat on the opposite side (like this, only slam it down outside of your heels). Repeat for 30 seconds. It’s important to not drop the ball. Slam it as hard as you can. Weighted Squats: Pivot back and squat while holding slam ball. Step forward and pivot back to face the opposite direction and squat again. Repeat until 30 seconds are up. Squat Press: Standing with legs shoulder-width apart, complete a squat while holding slam ball. Once you are standing upright again, thrust the slam ball over your head for an overhead press. Do as many reps as possible in 30 seconds.