Pocketalker Pro with Wide Range Earphone

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Hear what you’ve been missing with the Pocketalker Pro with Wide Range Earphone system. The Pocketalker Pro is designed for the hearing impaired and includes a sensitive microphone that can be placed close to the sound source to minimize background noise, a compact amplifier with volume control, and your choice of three earphone/headphone options to deliver full range, high quality sound. This hearing impaired amplification device even works well for a hearing aid wearer.The Pocketalker Pro with Wide Range Earphone. Provides a neckloop and silhouette telecoil couplers for use with telecoil-equipped hearing aids. (2) AA Alkaline batteries provide up to 200 hours of use, while rechargeable batteries and AC Adapter/Charger are also available (ITEM 105BATKT3). This hearing aid amplification device offers a microphone extension cord for TV listening, a belt clip case, and a handy carry case are standard components as well. The Pocketalker Pro with Wide Range Earphone is ideal for one-on-one conversations, indoor-outdoor activities, listening in a car, TV or radio listening. The Pocketalker Pro is also used by doctors, lawyers, clergy and other professionals when counseling hearing impaired people. The Pocketalker Pro meets ADA (Americans w/ Disabilities Act) regulations and is a convenient way to provide communication accessibility in public places and businesses. Pocketalker Pro with Wide Range Earphone Details: Product dimensions (imperial): 0.75 inch H x 2.25 i…
Includes 1 PKTC1 Amplifier w Omnidirectional Mic
Includes 1 Wide Range Earphone
Comes with TV listening cord Belt clip and System carrying case
Includes 2 AA Alkaline batteries
Covered under a 5 year Mfg Warranty