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Oticon go pro cic :features of the go pro hearing aid include:
digital sound quality: the go pro hearing aids provide users with exceptional, crystal clear sound quality that is much cleaner, and crisper than the sound quality received with some analog hearing instruments.
open-fitting: the go pro hearing aids are designed to sit in the ear more comfortable than many hearing devices. Whenever something is in the user’s ear, it has a tendency to feel clogged, and can make the user’s voice sound different to themselves. With these hearing devices, the user’s ear is less feeling unplugged, and their voice remains sounding natural.
feedback cancelling: this advanced feature can help eliminate the whistling that can occur while on the phone, or while making volume adjustments to the hearing aid. With this technology, users can make much more pleasant phone calls to his or her friends and family, without having to worry about embarrassing whistling.
automatic noise reduction: this feature helps to dampen the cumbersome sound of background noise in loud environments. With background noise selectively reduced, users can focus on what they want to, like conversations. This feature can also help reduce the mental fatigue that can occur over extended periods in loud environments.
directional program: the models of the go pro hearing aid feature a directional microphone that helps users pinpoint speech sounds in front of them, while reducing the sound from other directions. This can help further enhance the ease with which users can have conversations in noisy environments.
autophone program: this feature, present in the ite and itc models of the go pro hearing device, automatically detects when the user is on the phone, and adjusts the hearing aid’s settings accordingly, providing the best sound quality possible.

features of the go hearing aid include:
digital sound quality: crystal clear sound.
100 gm
Available in black/ beige
Oticon/ ITC