NeckPro® Cervical Traction (0192)

NeckPro® Cervical Traction (0192) Price: $131.74 (as of 10/07/2018 10:05 PST- Details)

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NeckPro is an FDA-Registered cervical traction device that is easy-to-use at home or away to significantly reduce neck pain * Unlike other cervical traction devices which may rely on water-bags or heavy weights to create the therapeutic tension NeckPro relies on a simple cord device * With every pull and click of the cord the tension increases by approximately one pound * A maximum of 20 pounds of tension is possible * The NeckPro is simple easy effective portable and affordable and does not require any assembly making it the most user-friendly cervical traction unit available * The head and neck are not locked into a single position * Rather the head can move while using NeckPro allowing rotation and extension along with traction to achieve maximum mobility and relaxation * Because NeckPro can be used in a seated position in the home it offers many benefits that other cervical traction units cannot offer * NeckPro promotes relaxation and thereby reduces stress and tension * In many cases it can reduce or eliminate the need for costly pain medication because it offers such swift relief * NeckPro can restore normal neck mobility flexibility and range of motion which can help post-pone or eliminate surgery and which can return the spine to its anatomical posture * can be used in a seated position in the home