Napkleen – 12 Boxes of 50

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As inexpensive and convenient as it is simple, Napkleen has dozens of applications. The peel & stick strip keeps Napkleen in place – no more tucking napkins in your shirt collar and hoping you’ve covered the drop zone or looking like you are sitting in the makeup chair of a movie set. The thick poly backing makes Napkleen absorbent and leak-proof. The convenient crumb catcher keeps spills, dropped food and crumbs off of you and protects your clothes and your vehicle. Napkleen is inexpensive, convenient, and easy to use.
Napkleen Disposable Adult Bibs
Item Model Number:*VAL-VM-P1318-1BLUE
13 x 18 Inch, With pouch
Blue, Adhesive Strip Closure
Item is sold by 12/Boxes of 50