Medical Vibro Acoustic Device VITAFON-T

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Vitafon is unique technological solution in vibroacustic therapy. Vibroacustic therapy considers micro vibrations in frequency range of 20-18000 Hz with amplitude to max 100 microns. Micro vibrations exist in every living being: plants, animals and humans. Sources of micro vibrations can be inner (heartbeat, artery pulse and muscular activity) and also can be external (wind for plants, shower, massage, physical activity… for humans). Knowing that facts it is clear that vibroacustic therapy is harmonized with biomicrovibrations and completely safe for human organism. Vibroacustic technology started to develop in XX century 70’s when its therapeutic effect was recognized and used in treating children with mental disorders. Today Vibroacustic Therapy is widely spread, and in some countries it is considered as method of conventional medicine. Biggest technological problem is how to find best frequency for certain tissue, how to adapt the amplitude, to affect strictly diseased area and apply suitable dosage. VITAFON device covers wide area of vibroacustic effects, changing frequency and amplitude in cycles affecting in that way all 200 sorts of tissue. That makes VITAFON perfect technological solution in the area of vibroacustic. + English manual by CD shipping (2-4 weeks delivery time, standart airmail)