Lifesource Uc-324thx Wireless Precision Scale

Lifesource Uc-324thx Wireless Precision Scale

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One touch activation
Memory storage of 60+ measurements
330lb capacity

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The wireless precision scale from a&d medical makes tracking your weight online fast and easy. without pressing any buttons your results can be sent to the wireless connected website automatically. the uc-324thx features an easy-to-read lcd screen and internal memory storage of 60+ measurements. it also features one-touch activation, superior accuracy, high capacity, low profile form and a two-year warranty. view your daily, weekly or monthly weight history, track your bmi, chart and graph your trends and set personal weight management goals with easy-to-use web-based software. because it’s web-based you ahve access to your data anywhere and anytime you want. the uc-324thx wireless precision scale works as a stand-alone weight scale. to utilize the wireless feature purchase an xl-10 wireless actilink usb transceiver. then select a service plan that fits your needs, there is monthly or yearly contracts to choose from.

With wireless transfer, a body mass index option, and a programmable target weight setting, the A&D Medical Wireless Precision Scale offers precise readings and plenty of functionality. Through Wellness Connected software, the scale’s programmable setting and wireless technology make it easy to track your progress toward your goal. The scale measures your weight accurately within 1/10 of a pound, making it ideal both for those who are dieting and for athletes and diabetics who keep a strict watch of their weight. The thin design makes it easy to store.

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Wireless Precision Scale (UC-324THX)
At a Glance:
  • Precise measurements within 1/10 of a pound
  • Wireless connection for convenient data transfer
  • 63-reading on-scale memory storage
  • BMI calculator and target-weight setting tracks progress
  • Thin, low-profile scale for easy storage

A&D Medical Wireless Precision Scale (UC-324THX) Product Shot

This scale allows you to easily to measure and track your weight thanks to its programmable settings and wireless scale-to-computer connection.
Precise Measurements and Body Mass Index Calculation

Measuring within 1/10 of a pound, the scale recognizes even small increases or decreases in weight and can measure up to 350 pounds. The precision of this scale offers athletes, diabetics, and dieters the ability to closely monitor their body weight.

The scale also offers a body mass index (BMI) calculator, giving you the opportunity to learn about your unique body makeup. This feature calculates an adult’s weight-to-height ratio to determine if he or she is overweight. On this scale, your BMI is automatically estimated and shown on the display along with your weight.

Wireless Connection for Easy Data Transfer

Featuring the ability to wirelessly sync to your computer, this scale offers you a convenient way to store and track your weight measurement over time. The scale connects to the Wireless ActiLink XL-10, which plugs into your computer’s USB port.

Cloud Storage to Save Space and Increase Accessibility

The Wellness Connected software stores your data in the cloud, making it easy to access your weight measurements from anywhere with an Internet connection. With this technology, you can keep years of readings without taking up tons of data space on your computer and track progress even when you’re away from home.

Chart Progress Online or on the Scale

Your Wellness Connected Service account keeps track of all your weight management information. Through your account, you can create charts and graphs of your results for a snapshot of your weight measurements and BMI over time. This helps you efficiently chart your progress.

In addition to the Wellness Connected service, a built-in memory function in the scale records up to 63 readings, allowing you to track your readings right from your scale. It also lets you measure your weight loss/gain against your set target weight with a target-weight setting.

Thin Profile for Easy Storage

Less than 1-1/2 inches thick, this scale packs lots of useful technology in a small package. The thin profile makes it easy to store out of sight when the scale is not in use, and its low height makes it easy to step onto.

What’s in the Box

A&D Medical Wireless Precision Scale, four AA batteries, and instruction manual.

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One touch activation
Memory storage of 60+ measurements
330lb capacity
Accuracy to 0 2 lb
Two-year warranty