Enteral Feeding Pump Kangaroo ePump

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Kangaroo ePump Enteral Feeding Pump The Kangaroo ePump Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding pump functions on a simple to use ATM Style interface that makes it remarkably easy to use. It offers the opportunity to program hydration for both mobile and hospitalized patients alike. Accurate volumetric delivery and over infusion safeguard. Retains all rate and volume settings until cleared. Intuitive “ATM” style interface makes programming quick and easy. Allows for both feed only and feed and flush programming, smart pump technology recognizes the type of feeding set that is loaded. Attitude independent, will pump in any orientation. Audio and visual alarms. 72 hours delivery history. Simplified setup in EZ mode. Includes Pump, 15-hour Battery, Detachable Pole Clamp and Power Cord with One Year Warranty The Kangaroo ePump enteral feeding pump sets are manufactured with no drip chamber, they, therefore are not compatible with Kangaroo standard pumps. Features: Attitude Independent: Pump set drip chamber has been eliminated which alleviates the hassle of keeping pump in an upright position and is ideal for hospital, home care, nursing home and ambulatory use. 72 Hour History: The Kangaroo ePump enteral feeding pump gives the clinician the ability to accurately track the amount of formula and fluid delivered to a patient ensuring the prescribed formula and fluid is received by the patient. “Smart” Pump Set Technology: Easy to Use – The “Smart” technology identifies the pump set and allows programming for only that type of pump set.