“BigFoot” Makes A Big Impression !

“BigFoot” Makes A Big Impression !

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42C “BigFoot” Make a huge impression with the 42C “BigFoot” magnetic bracelet. Stand out in the country club or at an office presentation with the dramatic style and power of the 42C stainless steel magnetic bracelet. Features: Width: 5/8′ Weight: 2 ounces Clasp: Fold Over Snap, Bracelet completely opens and lays flat Magnet Type: 8,000 gauss per link, total 120,000 – 152,000 gauss for 7.35 to 9 inches. Metal: Stainless Steel Fine Quality Bracelet Our “BigFoot” magnetic bracelet is a unique piece of fine jewelry, with alternating patterns of brushed and polished bars. . This unique pattern of stainless steel bars hides the not one, but two powerful neodymium magnets per link. This “Bigfoot” magnetic bracelet has two 4,000 neodymium laser point permanent magnets in each link for a total 8,000 Gauss. These are the strongest neodymium magnets, which will lose 1% of their strength every 10 years or virtually lose no strength at all! Measure your wrist before ordering & Then purchase the size just slightly larger than your wrist measurement – Sizes are 7.375, 7.75, 8.25 & 8.75 & 9 inches. Fast and Reliable Delivery We’ve told you how our magnetic bracelets are the strongest and most stylish, so why not order one today? Place an order today, and your order will ship out via USPS Priority mail tomorrow and be delivered in 2-3 days. You’ll be able to start sporting your fine stainless steel bracelet soon and living out your more fulfilling life. Your powerful bracelet will arrive in a plush white jewelry box, ready to be gift wrapped or take out to wear in your lifestyle, whether it’s running a few miles or sitting at a computer!