BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems BeasyGlyder 32″ Transfer Board

BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems BeasyGlyder 32″ Transfer Board Price: $206.99 (as of 10/07/2018 07:49 PST- Details)

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BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems reduce the risk of injury to both users and caregivers by making transfers safer.

A wide and rigid base supports a low profile, rotating seating disc that allows persons to remain upright while gliding the length of the board. This design reduces patient and caregiver strain from lifting, turning and moving along the transfer board. The gliding seat is tissue friendly as it eliminates the chance of friction induced skin injury.

All BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems are lightweight but able to support up to 400lbs.

Select from three different sizes and designs.

The Orignial BeasyTrans Easy Transfer System is the longest board, 40″ (6.5 lbs) and ideal for transfer from automobiles or for use with larger persons.

The Beasy Glyder Transfer System is 32″ long (4.75 lbs) and has a curved shape for help transferring off of, on to and around a wheelchair.

The Beasy II Transfer System is the shortest model, 27″ (4.5 lbs) and particularly helpful for bathroom transfers or use in smaller spaces.

Portable, custom carrying cases available for each size.

Purchase a BeasyTrans Easy Transfer System to ensure safer transfers for yourself and loved ones.

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