5 Pack – Grapefruit Scented 95% Pure Oxygen (Grapefruit)

5 Pack – Grapefruit Scented 95% Pure Oxygen (Grapefruit)

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5 Pack – Grapefruit, Mentol, Peppermint, or unscented – 95% Pure Oxygen in 4 oz. Boost Energy Cans. Your body needs oxygen to: ? Metabolize the food you eat ? Fuel your muscles ? Fuel your brain ? Clean toxins out of your body ? Support your Immune System ? Manufacture hormones and proteins ? Remove viruses, parasites, and bacteria ? And more. Breathing oxygen is the most efficient way to flood your body with oxygen. By entering through the lungs, oxygen enters the bloodstream in seconds and is immediately available to your cells. TSA Approved for Air Travel Pure Oxygen – Pink Grapefruit For Stress, positive mood and feelings of energy. This popular aroma can also be used to help suppress appetite and may assist in digestion and metabolism.